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I installed WoW i'd say about a week or two ago again because I decided to come back :), however when I installed it and played some graphics are just a lime green, and they still are. My cousin owns a apple computer and his graphics are perfectly fine. I am running on poor graphics at the moment to reduce lag (thankfully not a issue for me). I am not sure if they just havent loaded yet or something messed up when I installed. If you have any tips please let me know. Thank you.
Hey Excl,

Can you try this and see if it helps?

    1. Navigate to /Applications/World of Warcraft
    2. Move the WTF, Cache and Interface folders to the desktop
    3. Now go into the Data folder and delete the Cache folder
    4. Navigate to /Users/Shared and delete the Battle.net folder
    5. Launch the World of Warcraft Launcher. Let all updates apply and hit Play when Game is up to date is displayed.
hey im having the same problem and this didnt really fix it.. should i wait till the game updates to 100%?
01/26/2013 05:36 PMPosted by Arrivederci
hey im having the same problem and this didnt really fix it.. should i wait till the game updates to 100%?

Yes. Until the game is 100% updated, things may be missing. If the issue persists after being 100% up to date, then let us know.
I am having this same problem but my computer crashes about 5 minutes after I select a character and Enter World. I am waiting for it to reach 100% this will probably take a good while to just wondering if I can get some help about the crashing and even some other solutions if neither of the two options above. I have tried the 1st one.
Saint, you really do need to wait for the Launcher to put up the message "Game is up to date" before you click Play. Although you can play before the data is 100% downloaded, you shouldn't do so, for the very reasons you've experienced firsthand. Patience goes a long way when it comes to World of Warcraft patching, and waiting until the game is fully up to date almost always means less headaches and trips to the troubleshooting forums. :)

Excl, if you are continuing to encounter this issue, could you post your system specifications? There is the possibility that you may have a Mac that has just barely functional video drivers or an unsupported video card, and that should be ruled out or known so we can further assist you in resolving the graphics issues.

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