Stuck at connecting...again (part 2)

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Lets keep this going :P
I just got back after a year off I see nothing has changed Blizz still has to do restarts the hard way on a weekend com' on man!
I'm honestly surprised it's been an hour and going strong. I think that means I'm either an optimist or really, really naive. :(
waiting on an update
WHALE HELLO EVERYONE! -_________________-

there's a blue posting in a thread on general (that isn't one of the year old things other people are bumping around here).
Update on login screen "investigating this issue"......

Good an hour later they are now investigating the problem.
come on blizz, this happens all the time, surely u know how to fix the damn thing, do it! jesus
yup I'm stuck as well @ connecting after today's restart, which was approx 45min ago.
Reset router and ran virus software, and rebooted computer, still stuck at "Connecting".... Restart was at 1:05
Same here..been having it since you guys shut down the servers. They are online and I let it set on "Connecting" for 45 min now..nothing
this connecting thing is some bs....
Unable to connect since the restart
blizz, may want to update your message on the log in screen, makes u look like a bunch of idiots w the 15 minute down time thing. just a suggestion
I see a lot of you guys have the same problem I have. I hope they get this going soon.
The world will not end on December 22nd 2012, it ended today when we couldnt log in, oh the humanity.
I'm a sad panda :(
I am running into the same problem stuck on connecting since the restart....:(

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