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How do i recruit a friend and if it's free how long is it free? Please answer, I'm trying to get my friend to play :)
30 days (for both of you - keep that in mind for your billing cycle).
How much does it cost to recruit them though?
10/07/2012 12:12 PMPosted by Dorsil
How much does it cost to recruit them though?
You can recruit them for free. They will have unlimited play time but can only level to 20, have limited chat functionality, and not be able to join a guild or anything unless they upgrade to a paid version of the game.
Your friend will have to buy at least the Battle Chest, which is 19.99. That'll let them play until up to level 80. After that they'd have to add Cata and/or MoP.

Getting the Battle Chest will give your friend 30 days free, then they'll have to start paying the monthly subscription to play.

Once your friend pays for 1 month, you will receive 30 days free.

Once your friend pays for 2 months, you will be eligible for the RaF mount.

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