Question about Krol Scimtar and Relic of Xuen

So, the other day, I recently found a Krol Scimitar from a lock box. I was extreamly happy since it's my first ever Krol Blade carnation. My only issue was that is was ilevel 476, thus not as good as I had once hoped. (Upon just looking now, Relic of Xuen is also 476, I thought it was 489.)

Now, being as rare as it is, I thought I could sell it and get myself a Tiger's Deck. I was able to sell and picked up the deck. My reasoning being that the deck will last well into heroics while the sword could be replaced by a normal raid kill. Of course the whole idea is that I'd have a weapon that I wouldn't need to change out till heroics so other users of the spirit fist could take it first.

All I'm getting at is, what this a good idea or did I hoodwink myself?

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