An Assassination PVP question: CP & Finishers

Well, I've been pvping for a while since I got to 90, and a few questions have crossed my mind. I'm not entirely used to this spec, and I'm still not sure which abilities will do me more justice on the battlefield. I'll list my questions in order.

1. Should I be using Rupture at full CP or 2-3 CP? With the Venomous Wounds ability that comes with Assassination, I can see now that Rupture is definitely on my list of attacks I must use, but having to save up full combo points kind of leaves other abilities like Recuperate off of my buffs.

2. Is Anticipation or Shuriken Toss better? While I see that Shadow Blades tends to make an over-abundance of combo points, which can be easily turned into anticipation charges, I'm not entirely sure if that trumps having a spammable 30 yd range combo point builder, or, rather, which one will improve my damage in the long run.
10/07/2012 12:11 PMPosted by Bolsar
. Should I be using Rupture at full CP or 2-3 CP?

As long as you keep it up, doesn't matter. More combo points = more damage, but your priority is 1+ cp rupture.

10/07/2012 12:11 PMPosted by Bolsar
2. Is Anticipation or Shuriken Toss better?

Shuriken Toss hits for crap, but I guess it's not meant for damage. You can only use the lethal poison too (i'm assuming, I can be wrong).

For mut, maybe anticipation, but i'm guessing here.
Thank you, good sir.
I would get rupture up asap on the target and refresh it with as many cp as you have got at that time when it runs off, and I would take Shuriken Toss over Anticipation. Anticipation is really only good for PVE where you can maintain high uptime on targets and maintain good rotation. With the amount of cc and snares/roots in PVP you never really take advantage of it and shuriken toss lets you build cp when you are off the target/kiting allowing you keep up recuperate/snd/step kidney etc
Just get it up quick because we're starving for energy at the best of times.

Don't worry too much about recup unless the situation is clearly one where the heal is helpful. It's pretty situational now, because in a lot of cases it's clear that the stupidly small recup heals aren't going to help at all (like when you're getting globaled by a warrior or BM hunter)

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