Bloodknight Antari Still Broken

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Bloodknight Antari has become even harder with this latest reserver restart. His whelping now has two moves that give it 100% dodge, one of which also damages your pet. How in the hell are you supposed to beat a pet that just sits there spamming moves that make it IMPOSSIBLE to touch?

Edit: Oh, and his fel flame seems to be able to attack three times in a row now before you get one turn.
I've been trying to get a battle with him for the past week but I keep getting an error when I try and start something with him.
I just get destroyed by him. No matter my team setup, his pets always do between 400 and 500 damage a hit. Even when I have type advantage.
My onyxian whelpling was able to take him down straight up.

The double attack of my whelpling if he's the slower mover was key.
Beat him on my first try.

Maybe you don't have what it takes to be the Pokemon champion.

Maybe you don't have what it takes to be the Pokemon champion.
No, see, the pokemon games were never this unbalanced. I could spank the entire elite four with one pokemon if I really wanted to; however the pet battle system has some serious balancing issues. And the elite pets that the final tamer in each area has tend to be severely overpowered by their elite pet status.

Mind you, the first two were cake; but this guy is a huge difficulty jump suddenly.
Beat him with a squad of lower-level pets after a few tries.

Just because it's a difficult fight does not mean it's broken. This is (at least) your second thread on the topic, and multiple people in both have said that they have beaten him without too many problems, and have offered suggestions for pets and teams that can beat him.
I had far more trouble with the tamer at the argent tourney grounds, I just didn't have the right pets leveled up to beat him.

Long story short, make a team of pets which hard counter the trainers pets and there should be not allot of thought involved in the actual battle.
i actually dealt with the last pet he pulls out (what i would assume people have trouble with since double avoidance/large dmg output) in order for me to beat him i needed to be able to hit him atleast twice during his block phase ( block ability only blocks one attack) for example i used my gnome and i attacked it blocked then, both my turrets hit him (6 attacks total) and repeated then healed myself when i was around 500 health back to full blah blah... u guys get it.

He is pretty hard tho i suggest getting lv 23-25 pets. GL

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