Been out for a while.

And I could use some tips if I want to get smoothly back into the new patch.

I had been playing until I had a series of unfortunate events with my computer, and have been without since about a month ago. I get my new computer tomorrow so I'll be playing again soon.

Couple questions since you most-likely have enough experience to share hopefully.

-Is the rotation any different from Cata? If yes, how? (Obviously once I level to 90 I'll have some new abilities so I'm sure I'll figure out those when I get there.)
-I normally heal dungeons, should I still run quests as Elemental even though I normally don't DPS in dungeons?
-What are some major changes to the Shammy (other than the removal of the totem bars and fixed mana pools) that I should be aware of and adjust accordingly?

I'm not really a good Shaman, but I love my character and have an attachment and refuse to make another class because I like to be stubborn.

Any and all advice will be taken in and possibly have more questions so I can fully get it.

Just a heads up, I'm pretty terrible with WoW acronyms, but I should understand abbreviations and what not.

Thanks in advance!

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