[H] The Daily Blink: Now with active raiding!

<Deeps More Deeping>
Stormreaver - US
10 man casual
2-3 raid nights

Deeps More Deeping, flagship guild of The Daily Blink (yes, that The Daily Blink), is looking for experienced raiders who want to have a good time in a casual raid setting. Our goal is to foster a small, closely knit group that can tackle content in a manner and pace that will keep us interested in raiding without straining our relationship as a team or our ability to perform within it.

Bonus: our raids will be live streamed! Show all your friends how you stood in the thing LIVE on the internet!

Raid Schedule
Tuesday: 8-12 pm PST
Thursday: 9-12 pm PST
We also have a once-in-a-blue-moon-emergency-progression day
Sunday: 8-12 PST
(Note to potential transfers: we are raiding Pacific hours on a Central server. This means our raid times are 2 hours later than server time.)

Current Recruitment
1 DPS: DK or Hunter
1 Healer: Priest, Druid, Monk, Shaman
1 Hybrid: Ele Shaman, Moonkin Druid, Shadow Priest (Please be familiar with offspec healing)

Current Progression
None! We decided to give out guild mates the benefit of a second full week to enjoy the new expansion and prepare for raiding. Our goal is to begin raids on Oct 9th.

To read our guild policies and leave us an application, please visit our forums at

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