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I just got my Darkmoon Card Trinket today and Everytime I cast Light of Dawn while the blessing of the celestials buff is active, The Light of Dawn animation is a big white cone. I've seen this animation bug with light of dawn in the MoP Beta before with the sky mirror trinket. I Turned off my addons and Still had the same problem.
Please fix this Blizzard, I don't want to have a seizure mid raid
10/07/2012 05:04 PMPosted by Icepaladin
Please fix this Blizzard, I don't want to have a seizure mid raid


especially on bosses like elegon... dark room plus being melee plus paladin lighthouse = blinded.
Please fix soon.

The blinding light is just, well blinding.
All of this..
My raid is already complaining...

This is awful.
It's pretty annoying....
Monks experience the same problem with Spinning Crane Kick while the trinket is procced!
The animation for LoD should be disabled until it can be.... whatever needs to be done.

http://imgur.com/fZSGD is ridiculous, not only is it annoying to the person it completely blinds the entire raid. When under Holy avenger I use it every other gcd and it makes me want to tear my eyes out.

PLEASE have something for this in the hotfix stuff tomorrow, taking the animation out entirely if necessary.
We are having the same issues with Light of Dawn being pretty blinding. The proc on Spinning Crane Kick is insane as well, it effectively blocks out anything bad on the floor underneath. When a crystal spawns underneath it on Heroic Stone Guard, it blends in perfectly with the Spinning Crane Kick and we can't see it.
Just got my trinket, and apparently this is still a problem.
I'd like to voice my opinion on this as well. This animation is actually detrimental to the raid as the LoD with the trinket proc actually makes the rings and safe zones on Zor'lok impossible to see.
I cringe when i need to use light of dawn now its quite obnoxious and distracting. but i do like the trinket proc and animation. just nee it to not affect LoD any word on this?
What everyone else said. The cone is just so damn opaque. If the original cast graphic were lightened slightly, it would look pretty cool without being impossible to see through.

So this:


Not this.

Here i thought is was my graphic drivers, nope still did it, then maybe a windows update...nope. Now i find out its a blizz glitch, kinda makes sense.

Thanks to Google for finding the answer for me, and damn i hope they fix it, it is super uber annyoing.
Not going to lie... I screamed IRL when it first happened...

This really really needs to be fixed... the blinding is insane and is starting to affect my gameplay :(
Please fix this bug asap. This cant possibly be right, and its absolutely not fair to other players. I expect Blizzard to be on top of these kinds of problems and its very apparent they aren't.
Whomever created this effect is just dumb and should be fired.
This issue has been known to Blizzard for several weeks. It annoys everyone, causes wipes in raids, and may even be a health issue for people who are sensitive to seizures.

I'm sure that Blizzard has a fix for it, but they are not releasing it by updating the client. Apparently, we're going to be stuck with this until patch 5.1.

Great job.

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