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Emerald Dream
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9/10 - I'm always a fan of the red and black. A bit partial towards the helm :>

The armory doesnt do these mogs justice.
I will say the sexy elf thing is interesting 8/10 -2 because it is a bit of a cliche.

P.S. My current look right now is for Halloween only, but I felt I had to share.

I call this Vodoo Gnome.

I know mine isn't exactly a transmog, but I will be using this set as one if I replace any pieces.
5/10 set.
I like your "plate" wearing rogue. 9/10

I have a few characters I want to post

<- My Mage.

My Werewolf dude.

and my rogue

Technically the rogue and mage are the same person. Marhiel would have been a mage if Night elves could have been mages back in 2005.
... Nice belt?

I'll say if your intention is a tan leather look on a warlock 7/10 if you are not yet in a look ___/10.

Oh and my bad. reasons not to post at 4am drunk.

this is my Mage

She is the same person as my rogue. And a pirate.

((on a silly side note, I have had this alt since BC originally a gnome mage. She has a few things that are no longer in game so I had to keep her. One day I might even level her.))
Ninjas and Pirates go together like peas and carrots!

8/10 for sexy pirate style

-2 for the goggles. I think they just look overly silly.

Here's a screenshot for a better view:

Excellent armor set, however the shoulders threw me off a bit.
9/10 -minus 1 because space-goat.

I'm cute.

Legs don't really match, fixing it soon.

Edit: Better view! http://i.imgur.com/1g2i8.jpg
Very green... I dont like green
Pretty neat

-2 for sword, clashes so badly with your whole outfit..
+1 for hair

I like your set very much it looks very good.

the sword is great

but i don't like cape along with it. :(
Yes, I get Ravenhul, 9/10 due to race and the lore behind armor set. I guessing your going for he blood knight look.
8/10 for gear alone +1 for dwarf shaman, so 9/10 because wtb moar dwarf shamans.
8/10 for the set 10/10 for having a tabard that goes with clothy gear.

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