Setting Goals for Pandaria

Hey guys I thought i would start a thread just to point out my own goals for MoP and to find out the goals of other achievement collectors. I dont consider myself to be a succesful achievement collector at this point, ive recieved a lot of the easy or lazy achievements to this point.

I would however at the end of MoP like to consider myself an achievement addict.

At the start of cata I was sitting on about 4500 achievement points and I had two level 80's.

I said to myself that at the end of Cataclysm i wanted to have three things:
1. Over nine thousand
2. Over 100 mounts
3. At least 4 max level characters

Here comes the point of this topic; I managed to achieve all of these goals, by proactively just bothering with some levelling or some mount collecting here and there.

I am currently deciding on what I want my goals to be for MoP.

Im thinking of the following:
1. Insane & Exalted reputation with the goblins and pirates at the same time.
2. Exalted with all factions while im at it?
3. Now that achievements are account wide I can finally pvp without fear of missing achies on my main. (not a fan of druid pvp) So ill try to go for as much of the battleground achies as I can.
4. I was thinking that 12000 was a reasonable number of achievement points to aim for but I might just make it 13k so i have to try a little harder.


What are your goals for MoP?
My personal goal for MoP is 100% completion. Only problem I see is 300 RBG wins and 2700 in 3s (since healer DC'd at our game at 2698 rating in s10), but hopefully they remove the latter if it's not feasible anymore.

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