<Tactical Carnage>AM/PM raiding guild

Tactical Carnage is a level 25 guild on Garona looking for more reliable raiders to join our established AM 10m raiding team and our newly forming PM 10m raiding team.

AM raid times: Wed,Thurs and Mon 830am-1030am.

PM raid times TBD.

We are a newly formed guild that progressed to 6/8H DS in Cata.

We are a laid back experienced group looking for more like minded people to help us progress through MoP and beyond.

Open to all classes.

We offer guild repairs for all active members and a vent site.

All interested applicants please apply at our guild web site: tacticalcarnage.enjin.com.

Please feel free to speak with any officer in game. Our guild policy to to give everyone a raid opportunity as long as you show you know your class mechanics, can gear/enchant/reforge/gem properly and fit into our dramaless raid group.
Did Mana Fest change names? O.o
Mana Fest and Shell Shock joined and then we changed the name.
Ahhh , I see! Good luck in your 3 horse race for best morning guild on server!
Need more reliable raiders, in need of an experienced tank
There has to be more morning people on, yes?

Need more dps
Tez told me to post here that i wont be able to raid for 2 weeks or so, im taking over the morning shift at work, i couldnt say no (but wanted too) so ill have to deal with it

Have the best of luck fellow raiders

Ur peruvian best friend

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