Lf Guild, That pvp and pve's.

---I want to start over from scratch my server is just boreing. and i am willing to roll alliance or horde.. -PREFERABLY ALLIANCE Since this server is horde dominated :) -

As long as i find a Fun guild that does pvp and pve.

Bio: Im 26 years old and have been playing this game since vanilla. I have little to show for it though since i have been on and off since vanilla.. But since Cata release i have been Dedicating alot of time and effort into my toons.

My toons:I have an 85 Spreist, 85 Ret pally, 83 Dk, 85 MM hunter, 76 Enhance shammy , 65 rogue, 55 Feral druid, and a 40 warlock.

**I am still trying to find "MY" class. But i am leaning twords warlock/Warrior/Monk/mage/rogue/druid. (Heals/dps)

What i am looking for: i am looking for a Structured Guild, Casual, Hardcore.. What ever the guild maybe.. I also do not have much End game raiding experience but i am willing to learn.. and i also would love to find some pvp players so i can learn more about pvp.

All i ask is the following..

-use Voice Comm's.
--be 18+

If you think your guild fits this, and think i would be a good candidate Let me know.
guess not

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