Archy digsites suddenly gone [BUG?]

I had just completed the Mogu rare anatomical dummy in the Jade Forest and was on my way to another site. Halfway through the zone I rechecked my map and found the digsites gone. I checked to make sure my "track digsites" was still enabled, and it was. So I checked the rest of the continents, including outlands, all digsites had disappeared. My archy skill had just increased to 591. I /reload 'ed. I triple checked that tracking digsites was enabled. I relogged. Disabled addons. Nothing has worked.

Just seems very odd given that this happened while I was actively pursuing archy and not hopping characters or logging on and off. Anyone have any advice? Is this a known issue or am I a special snowflake here?
Hah, I didn't even know that button existed! Well, now I feel a bit sheepish... anyway, thanks!

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