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I have had this problem basically as soon as I started the launcher to get the new patch. I get the opening update, but then when I go to the 'Optimizing Files' window, after a couple minutes, it drops my whole DSL connection and says "Optimization Failed. Please Check Your Connection And Try Again". I have tried this about 30 times by now, after trying various unsuccessful 'fixes'.
After I tried closing my firewall and my other possible blocking programs, still had this issue. I called ATT about 4 times before I even checked the forums and saw some people had success with telling their ISP company to un-block the game/patch updater because it was being blocked from there as a mistaken illegal file. Well, when I tried to explain this to the random lady at ATT tech support (exactly how they get a job like that and be totally clueless about computers is beyond me), she basically blew off my suggestion and said "Well, you said you've played it for years just fine" and she insisted on sending over a tech support worker to actually physically check out stuff. She informed me it would cost me $100 to have this done.
So this tech lady came by today and she pretty much didn't believe anything I said about the updater being blocked, she saw me attempt the update, and after she hemmed and hawed for a few minutes, basically said it must be Blizz's fault, and to call them.
So has anyone else figured out anything? I am calling Blizz sometime Monday. I am curious how many calls they are getting about this particular problem? It seems they haven't yet posted on forums about it? I bought this expansion PLUS the special edition guidebook, so if I am unable to even play, I am going to not be a nice person for a while. At least I am holding off on starting my game card so I am not wasting days on that!
If there's a much more detailed topic post on this, please point me to it. I have searched and just see some random shorter ones. Plus it's 3am here and I am dozing, so I will try fresh look tomorrow. Hope you all have better luck with this!

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