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Okay, I'm having some issues with GetItemInfo and caged pets. My addon has begun to throw the following error when a player has a caged pet in their inventory:

1x ReagentRestocker-3.0\Core.lua:320: Usage: GetItemInfo(itemID|"name"|"itemlink")

Any information about the changes to the GetItemInfo with respect to caged battle pets would be appreciated.
Tracing the problem back, it seems to stem from GetContainerItemLink sending a different set of values for battle pets. Info on those changes would be useful as well -_-.
Okay, more info on this issue: The links have changed.

Used to be there was only one type of link returned, which contained the string "Hitem," and the addon was coded to assume that it could never be anything else.

Now there can also be "Hbattlepet," which creates an entirely different link type for battle pets.

Thankfully, Reagent Restocker can safely ignore battle pets - pets really shouldn't be sold or bought in bulk.

Neither WoWWiki nor Wowpedia have been updated with the new link types.

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