Two folks looking for a raiding guild.

Aerie Peak
Hello, we are a group of two looking for a semi-hardcore guild to raid and mingle with. I have a level 90 Rogue, level 90 Priest, and level 90 DK while my friend has a level 90 Mage, level 90 Paladin, and a level 90 Shaman in the works. As far as raiding experiences go, our most prominent stretch of raiding dates back to TBC where we got up to pre-nerf M'uru but had the guild explode after wiping on him for a month. During WotLK we just played casually with friends and didn't play at all during Cata.

We guarantee 100% raid attendance if your guild schedules raids during the times listed below:
Monday and Wednesday: 1 PM - 10 PM

Tuesday and Thursday: 5:30 PM - 10 PM

Friday - Sunday: 2:30 PM - 12 PM

When some people say they never missed a raid they may be exaggerating but I can say with confidence (and a lot of shame) that I have never missed a WoW raid. You can count on both of us to show up each day and put out consistent results.

We are capable of taking criticism as well as listening to orders from higher ranks. We don't create drama but have been in part of several, ranging from GMs looting the guild bank and transfering to having our MT fly 700 miles to a female guildie's house for alleged sexy times. Take that as you will, but we consider ourselves WoW-hardened and will meet all of your expectations.

We are looking for a very long term guild that will let us raid on a regular basis. Please leave a post here if you wanna give us a shot. Thanks for taking your time to read through and we hope to hear from you soon.

A haiku:

!@#$ Formality
Just Wanna Party and Raid
Let Us Join Your Guild
You establish yourself as part of "folks". Application denied.

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