Can someone help me decide a last name?

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I just can't come up with a good one.
So far, I'm come up with "Bladepaw", but it doesn't sound fitting.
Takumi's parents were farmers on Wandering Isle. They tried to train him as a monk, but he was kicked out, because he lacked the ability to use Chi Energy.

He doesn't act very "pandaren-like" and he finds peace boring. (Not has war-crazy as horde).
Hammerclaw? I apologize if it's awful still kind of new to RP.




Combine something Chinese-sounding with something PANDAS-sounding here
Takumi Leafhewer

Leaves are often quite gentle and serene when they're falling and dancing in the air. Hewing on the other hand is often quite the opposite, usually a brutal strike of some sort that will maim something. Therefore, Takumi's family gets to remain fairly passive like leaves, and Takumi here gets to adopt the latter half of their namesake.
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As a side note, for a dwarf last name it's a metal or rock or some sort with a part of the body normally.
Dark-Ale. What do you think?

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