How much DPS to enter new heroics?

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Obligatory: Yes, I know I require some reforging for hit/expertise cap.

Anyway, how much DPS is required for the new heroics? I don't want to drag down any groups. I hit 27k on Coren and I know raids are 40k... So I'm thinking about 30k?
If you can que, you're more than ready for level 90 Normals named Heroics.
Heroics are honestly a'd be fine doing 20k (most dps'ers usually float in the 20-25k range).
Was ready for heroics the day I hit 90.

You get all the gear you need from quest lines.
30K is about average

I almost always pass 30k tanking, and im not a great player or in great gear.
I've resigned myself to doing 40%+ of the total damage for an instance as the tank. As long as you don't pull extra stuff and at least try somewhat, welcome aboard. As for ranges I've seen, the low side for most things is 15k, and 50k is the high. Average is 20-30k.
10/08/2012 01:35 PMPosted by Sarosha
30K is about average

Thats about what I'm pulling atm in my mostly quest gear. It is a little disapointing though. I was doing 40-45k dps at level 85 once I got mostly geared from DS (full 397 T13 at least). Now five levels later I have yet to hit that mark. Oh well, maybe once I'm all heroic geared.

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