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So I took the plunge and rolled a level 80 Feral Night Elf Druid on Sageras, the only question I have is... now what? Since i just popped into Stormwind with no quests or social connections, I'm kind of at a loss for what to do? Should I grab some quests and go? and if so, where? Should I grab some lower level quests to acclimate to the game? Or should I just fly around for a couple of days and get to know the world? I really don't know where to go from here. And to top it off, all of my characters to date have been Horde (my friend that invited me back plays alliance).

Any advice? My end goal is to have fun PVEing and eventually raiding. Maybe some PVP along the way, though I've never actually been in a battleground (they were just getting started when I quit playing way back when).

Any advice you guys and gal could give would be awesome. Thank you!
Grab the quests and head off to see the Cataclysm content. There should be quests at the Hero's Call Board near the middle of the Trade District in Stormwind. You can also roll new characters or pick up old ones to see how things have changed for other classes that you used to play.
It used to be that when you first entered SW at level 80 you were automatically offered the quest A Personal Summons. This takes you to see Naraat the Earthspeaker on the island north of SW Keep, and starts the chain to enter the Cata zones. You can also take Hero's Call: Hyjal and start the Hyjal chain that way, I believe.

Have fun!

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