Please help me resolve my inner turmoil!

Hello! I'm coming back to this game after having been gone a long time. My shaman was always my main, but I remember just before I left how much fun and how powerful I felt as a ret play in pvp (in terms of dmg/on demand burst, team support, and survivability). So I figured I'd finally rid myself of the headache my shaman always gave me (despite how much I love the class) and level my play. Now after only hitting 87 on my paly I find I am still itching as much as ever to play my shaman.

Although I play all three specs my focus willl be enh pvp. So should I give in and level my shaman or will I be as disappointed as I used to be? I plan to do all forms of pvp with this toon as enh, and if I pve at all I'll just be healing. Thanks in advance for any input!
I guess I should add that I used to play ele extensively in pvp as well, so there would be a good chance of checking that out. Feel free to add in feedback for ele as well.
To be honest, from what I've seen in game as well as on the forums, enhance shaman are in a better place than they were last season, but still not completely fixed.

Ele is apparently just turrenting right now in pvp.

Resto is still doing well in pvp as well as in pve, pve is honestly based on your raid comp and what your GM wants to bring on raid night. 5 mans are east for resto shaman

Don't let what others say change your mind though, give it a shot for yourself. If you like it, Great! If not, then continue on with your paladin. Blizz seems to like them a lot more anyways.

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