Dampen Harm better in raids?

I have been tanking with this but I don't think I have ever had a single charge of it used. Is it worth using in raids?
Definitely better if your enemies (mostly) deal physical damage

But diffuse magic have more effectiveness against spell damage users

So it depend on what you face
Diffuse magic has a use for every single fight in vaults, aside from maybe Garaj and Spirit Kings.
As for Dampen Harm, it may be good for progression on emperors as a tank, since when you're learning to dodge strikes you're going to get the armor debuff very often and this would help counteract it for a bit. Overall though I think diffuse magic is a much better talent to take.
Yeah I think I will go for diffuse magic, if anything because I haven't gotten to raids yet and not a single thing is hitting me for 10% of my HP or whatever it is to actually use any charges.

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