RP Challenge (Rising Sun Fellowship OOC #3)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Good to hear, Kel. Hope you got a few moments of restful shut-eye too.

C'ya'll ingame. (OMG, did that sound like something Kel would say? She's rubbing off on me!)
Sleep? Last night? Hell no.

Y'all have a good one, I'll be around tonight.

Southern accents are catching, I know it. I've lived here for... 16 years, and talked like a southerner for every bit of it. When I get pissed, people laugh at me 'cause I drawl.
I was busy working diligently at my desk, like I always do, when a strange occurance happened that I haven't seen for what seems weeks...the sun came out! It was delightful to see its golden rays spreading out all over the land. And shining in through the window. I looked up and saw the sky, and it was a rich blue that made me smile, and just a few puffy clouds rolling around it to make it picture perfect.

I have missed the sun! It has been overcast, cold, and miserable past few days. But seeing the light, and standing in its faint warmth gives me hope for the spring; and seeing the sun, and green grass and trees again.

Hurry, spring, get here, I have missed you!
Well, if you noticed, my appearance has changed a bit for my undercover work in searching for the location of Viragona's hideout or lair. I haven't had much luck as of yet, but I have my feelers out trying to get some sort of information.
Cy, it appears that your barber was angry with you for some reason...

I won't be on tonight or tomorrow night, but should be on some tomorrow morning. I will not be on this weekend but expect to be back in on Monday night.
The snow drifts slowly down as I sit in my bed, the coughing wracking my chest, and making me more miserable with each passing hour. My head is full of that wonderful green stuff, that makes blowing my nose an experience in whether to look and be grossed out, or just fold the tissue in half, and go back to sleep.

With that kind of introduction, how can I fail, right?

Due to a cold or what-have-you knocking me on my butt, I will not be on tonight, and depending on Friday, I may be still indisposed. I don't know which is worse, the hard coughing, and feeling miserable, or the withdrawl from World of Warcraft pains.

A blizzard outside, and no Blizzard inside, oh, the agony! I hope you all have a safe time while this weather comes sliding through your area, and take care. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the snow, and no cussin'. It doesn't help, and you'll get your mouth washed out with the Felsnaptha soap.
Guess who's back?

With a monk though. Ratheron the Seeker

Cy! I have not forgotten about the nelfs, I have just been really busy these last two weeks. Would you be available tonight (if I am up to it, bad sinus headache that will hopefully go away soon...it's been like 14 hours) or tomorrow morning?
Hey, would you guys mind if I rolled a belf and joined your guild? Apart from the fun challenge of lvling IC from 1-85, I really like what I've seen from your guild description.
You are welcome to join us, Derrekk. Just do a /who rising sun and whisper someone online.
ok thanks :)
Alright, my first journal post is up :)
Second journal post is up! :D
Before I put one up for Rath I think I'll get some in-game RP going on with people first then do so.
I want to let all of you know, Vira is not dead, just chillin for now. I have a hard time deciding who to concentrate on. I know...too many alts!
well after a first attempt that got me to lvl 21 it's back to the drawing board for me :( goodbye to Eleanor.
Ooo, bummer, Elle. But don't give up! Sometimes it takes several attempts until you find that certain class andspec that works for you. I hope we see you back in another carnation. I loved your journal postings, and would love to see more from you!

Remember you can pass on her belongings onto a relative, sister, aunt, brother, what-have-you. And continue from there, or start a new, but transfer those few items over from Elle to your new character challenge. Particularly bags...bags can be so nice to have! Will them over to the new character...I do hereby bequeath all my worldly goods and items to so and so for their devotion in exploring the lands of Azeroth...yada, yada, yada...
Thanks for the words of encouragement Cyaer! I've already started off an orc who I think I have a good story for so far (and who isn't dead yet), and I'll use Eleanor's cousin as backup if the orc dies. Good luck to me!

Edit: Hey good post too! I haven't had the chance to read through all... three... journal threads... So I don't have a firm grasp on some of the people mentioned, but I liked the job you did on writing. :)
Aye, good luck, and good adventures, Elle. And thank you, for the kind words, I sometimes think my writing isn't up to snuff compared to others, even your own postings were superb!

You know, I make it a challenge for myself to run through the three journal threads myself once a year. It keeps me grounded in the guild history, and it let's me get a feel for some of the other characters in the guild. Some of these people I never had the pleasure of running with, and I regretted it. Others, I have RPed with, and run storylines with and found a rich new world opening up for me in RPing with others.

I love this game, I like many of the components that it allows me as a player to enjoy. Something I have no interest in, like PvP for instance. But when you add the join of playing with someone else, and experiencing the game together in character the sky's the limit.

Good luck with you orc, Elle. And I hope to see a few more postings from you some day. I enjoyed your writing very much.
Thanks for the praise Cyaer :) I plan to start posting with my orc soon, I just haven't really been inspired by the Durotar quests, they're kinda dull. But! I will make an effort to get out a post soon. And expect to see me online this weekend.

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