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Hey everyone, how's it going? I just wanted to let you all know, I apologize I haven't been on much this week. My allergies to the pollen of spring are acting up so much and I'm afraid I've come down with a cold. I may or may not be in game this weekend, hopefully I will. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you all soon. Have a great day!

Sincerely, Tislina, your resident Mage
Aw, Tis, that's terrible. Hope you get over that cold soon enough, as for the allergies...may they be light and not too nasty.

You take care of yourself, little lady, and get better. We will miss you until your return, and understand your health comes first!

Sincerely, Cyaer Sunblaze, the resident idiot and Lord of all tomfoolery.

(What the heck is tomfoolery? Google it!)
Feel better, Tis! :D
Nah Crow's fun, I know it's all in good humour :) I'll be in game in a few hours, so on Elle I'll let u guys know who I'm rolling. See you all soon

Edit: does anyone feel like RPing with a low level character of mine so I can ICly be introduced into the guild? I have a good plan for a goblin, so it would only be after I got out of their starting zone, but afterwards I'd enjoy rping with one of you.
Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! o/ o/ o/ me! me! me!

Still ironing out the kinks to Jahana's story. I might just leave it a mystery and say she cannot remember. Having someone destroy the demon that had taken her body through Vira's meddling and destroying the soul stone that held her true soul may seem a bit far fetched. I am open to suggestions.

I could just rename her and create a new personality, or have her still wandering the world as the demon inside her body? Demons can be cunning, and hide the true identity, but that creates a lot of drama and could lead to a lot of weird things.

So what do you all think? I am hitting a creative wall here. Jahana is suddenly back to herself with no explanation? Or some mysterious death knight has found a way to restore her? I toyed with that idea last night when I posted, but not sure I should continue it.
If you've hit the creative wall with the character Mia then I'd suggest starting fresh with a new character. Doesn't mean you have to delete Jahana just figure out what kind of character you feel you can readily RP without hitting the creative wall.
I think you are right Ash, I might just make something new, I will keep Jahana as a nameless merc for now until I can figure a new personality for her. I cannot justify the story very well as I had it. So you can all ignore the last few days of half idiotic rp you had with her. I am going to do the challenge.

Now to what class is the most survivable? I like what you have done with the monk class, but I am finding it really hard to adapt to the different style. Maybe if I concentrate on just healing and the personality. Slow and steady. I might make it this time.
Hey jahanna if you're rolling a new character then we should work together; I think I've settled on the Mage mentioned in my last IC post as Elleanor. Just let me know if you want to. :)
Well. Kel and I were Paladins on our victors. And if you and Elleannor go together, it should be even better! I almost always had company, except from level... 20-25 to 60, when Angel's partner died and had to be resurrected as a Death Knight. That helped a lot!
Made a mage, Pfaedra. Anyone who wishes to join this little minor nobles daughter is welcome. She likes strong warriors, paladins or anyone who can beat things up for her. She is not lazy, just a bit unsure of herself and a bit shy. Her family thinks they can give her some confidence with mage training.

At this point anyone is welcome to join her. A fellow mage is great we can take turns freezing our enemies and blasting them down. I welcome a partner of any kind.
Sry was walking, anyway, I can meet you IC, my mage is Låurisså.

Edit: Scratch that, I haven't rolled a pally in a while. I'll pst you. :)
I am redoing my concept for Jahana, she will be an observer sent by the Regent Lord to investigate the various organizations. Pretty loosely inferred by the way, she will be joining the Fellowship as a new character, name will be Jana Hanai.

She will be a simple engineer in character looking to join some friendly folks, nothing sinister. Secretly she is an assassin. She will have assignments to go after people. Anyone who wants to be taken out let me know...(tongue in cheek)

I will probably change her hairstyle again, and her MRP will reflect her outward appearance and profession.

Oh I changed a few of my previous posts in the IC Journal. She is not the Jahana you all knew, just someone else.
I think it will be funny now. I wonder what will happen when she figures out Rath isn't the leader of the RSF and she's been stalking the wrong person. :>
It's ok she is just looking for the leaders, not necessarily the head honcho. Investigating, not going to hurt anyone unless ordered to do so. Anyway it's still a work in progress.

Now I just have to figure out what I am doing with my warlock.
Ashoc if you kill off Dalen IC I will cry!!! Please let Jaszmin save him...even for a little rp once in awhile? Say you aren't going to kill him off!!!
There's always two sides to every story.

And no one is ever truly innocent.

<3 This is going to be fun.
So. Yes I have brought Tyrael back for the plot-line. Everyone say hello to Tychus Brevius Malcan and his right hand man Targus Cloudstriker.

Also say hello to the pawn they intend to use Tyrael Firehawk!
Shadow mourns and reflects, Shadowless is driven by a strange inspiration, and -- what is this? Another new character? :> What will we possibly do?

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