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Pretty cat, makes me sad. I won't be doing a whole lot today. I am going to have to have my cat put to sleep. She is very sick and I think it is an internal problem. Unfortunately I cannot afford vet bills.

I think this will be my last pet. Too easy to get attached. Anyway, have fun today, will try and check back later.

Good news, cat is doing better, she has intestinal infection and got a shot of antibiotics. Cost me almost $200 in vet bills. Hopefully we can get it under control and she will be fine.

On another note, those who are wanting to join the Fellowship will need to be brought up to date on what the guild rp is all about. Maybe we can have a short synopsis to help address those questions? I was hoping Rath or Shadow would do that in the recruitment thread. Don't have to be a long winded thing, just a brief statement of why we are leaving Silvermoon, etc.
Our Internet is out, I don't expect to be in tonight. Please tell Sol if you see this. Best laid plans of mice and men. : (

Posted from my phone.
All right, I posted in Journal, going to make a goblin female for something different. We need to move this story along, its getting kind of boring waiting around for something to happen. Let's see if we can make things interesting with a new caravan. Anyone wanting to make a gobby with me is more than welcome.
Patience is something you need right now considering that two major people related to the plot are unable to dedicated any time at the moment. So let's be considerate to them. No one has been stopping you from RP'ing it is just that the arc is on hold temporarily and things are still being done related to the Fellowship's base.
I know that!! I am just trying to keep from being bored. Anyway I posted something it is pretty innocuous. Just a little help being discretely moved that way.
Thank you, Mia. I do so love my kitty. I hope yours pulls through :/ I'm sorry, I meant to reply back sooner, but I forgot completely.

Also! The more things change, the more they stay the same! Maybe. :>
VERY tempted to try this. Perhaps once I've finished finals. The more I get into RP the more I want to leave Moon Guard, this might be a good way to do so.
Just let us know! Join us in the RisingSunOOC channel and in HordeOOC! We are friendly and keep things lively.
So, in the event that I die due to technical difficulties (Lagging out in a crowd of mobs, mobs not loading, etc.) Does that count against me?
Ok I am going to quote my original sign up post for this, and list the changes after. We have been going for a long time!!

1. No heirlooms, use quest rewards and crafted items only.

2. Stay in character at all times, no cheating, even when someone asks you OOC, you have to answer IC. (note: we have guild chat IC and an OOC channel)

3. Death is permanent..that is if you die because you are going over your head and doing things you should not be doing and you die...you have to reroll and start over as a relative, friend or lover, picking up the pieces of the dead ones life and use it as a reason to keep going. You can use part of the name as a tie in or last name or whatever. Using MRP as a way to keep track of the events and deaths. This counts even in dungeons. This will not be easy, I expect to die and reroll several times to do this. (this is for the hard core who refuse to accept a single death, we have since decided to allow any number of deaths up to the level of 15. Accidental deaths like disconnecting do not count, but if you go afk in an area where there are mobs and you die..whose fault is that? The object is to proceed carefully and make it to 90 without dying.))

4. Journal- I will be opening a thread here and on Cenarion Circle forums to track my progress. I expect if you join me and wish to participate in this difficult rp mission, you will post in the thread as well. You can die and leave this at any time. I only ask you keep up as long as you are committed to doing this in character. I don't even mind finding new friends along the way, that is anyone can join us at any time and do the challenge. ((This is always open and ALWAYS optional, you do not have to do the challenge to be in the guild))

5. Rewards? The satisfaction of rping a character from level 1 to 90 should be its own reward. I want dedicated rpers and people who enjoy writing and creating a story. (we dropped the gold incentive because it is not necessary))

Now I added the changes in () if I missed anything guys please correct me. My original character is long deleted. I never made it to even 30 without dying!! I may try again, but only if I have a dedicated partner, which makes it a lot easier!!
Two entries @.@ Two of my characters have a lot on their mind and the rest, not so much.

I really want to do a Bane entry. But she's in a heavy transition in her life. There isn't any time for her to sit down and write something. I'll probably change that sometime soon in the future via an RP. But she's finally in the guild (whoo). And fun stuffs are coming, yes they are, yes they are. Oh my there will be a -lot- going on this next week, I hope!

Oh, and one last note? As far as 'having' to delete your toon when you die, you don't technically 'have' to. It's just that toon is 100% disqualified from the RP challenge.

We've had people say the character was severely injured and starts over new.
We've had people kill their character off IC and delete it.
We've had people DQ themselves from the entire thing on that character (or in general) and keep leveling and RPing because they love that character and the RP so much.

We won't slap you on the wrists because the entire thing is just a game we play.
I still have to introduce Rhannah to the guild ICly, but i'm still not sure how I'm going to do it.

She's turning out to have a major problem with shyness, partly due to her not wanting to be known as a warlock. (the shyness could change if I find the right rp partner who can bring her out of her shell a bit) She's also a bit of a recluse as some people misunderstand her skills in alchemy and call her a witch (mainly children, but it doesn't help her shyness).

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas on how to introduce her to the guild, I'm open to suggestions.
If you have read any of the history of the guild they have had a few problems with warlocks before. They maybe a little hesitant to accept any. IC that is!! Most of us love warlocks and the evilness or whatever it is that makes warlocks fun.

I am not sure how you can pull off a shy warlock, as you have to have a very strong will to keep demons under control. Perhaps a simple reserved nature around others and a strong will to keep the demons bound might fit better? That is just my opinion though, I just cannot seem to imagine a shy warlock who has a demon to contend with, considering the demons often are kind of mouthy!! But if you can pull it off more power to you!

Syd is not part of the RSF, but is one of my characters along with Jahana, Viragona, Hahnai, Kazzilda and my alliance character Jaszmin, who will be making an appearance due to a special request.
Rhannah's not a warlock IC'ly. She's a shadow mage and she only summons a void walker if she needs to. She goes around without a demon out and only fights if she has to defend herself.

Perhaps reserved is a better description of her nature. (Her personality is far from fully developed at the moment so it is bound to have minor changes along the way.) She is very strong willed however, she has to be to cope with all the teasing the local children give her!
I'll be on today so I'll help you out with that Rhannah! Also remember everyone that the OOC meeting is today! We have a lot to discuss and get taken care of!
cool, I am not sure when i'll be on though, I'm heading for bed soon *shakes fist at blizzard CEO's* Why don't you have Oceanic rp realms?????
To be fair, being shy around people doesn't necessarily translate into being weak towards inhuman things. I've a very strong and dominant personality around horses, but I'm extremely meek towards people in person, very stereotypical 'hide in the corner and read a book over talking to people' kind of girl. Where as with a horse, if I'm not dominant, it will think it can get away with anything.

If I catch you later on, I'll throw Bane at you. It could make for some interesting RP.

Here's the recap of the guild meeting.
I want to bring Jaszmin into this and was looking for a song that would convey her message. I love Enya and always think of Jazzy singing like that. I think I found a couple of songs that might fit. But still not sure how to get it all together.


is my first choice. There is another one,


also like this one..


I want to have Jazzy find the Enclave and have it be in the nighttime. She will sit a distance away and sing these songs. If someone hears them, they might search for her, but she will be elusive. Only one person will have a chance of actually finding her. And he knows who it is.
Loved the first one ~ it's melody will haunt my dreams for a while. I'll return to it again and again.

The second one ~ meh

The third one ~ I liked this one, I'll listen to it again too.

Interesting songs, Hahnai, thanks for the chance to hear them.

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