RP Challenge (Rising Sun Fellowship OOC #3)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Double posting, again, I know. I'm such a bad person.

I don't know if Thul is ever reading the forums, but if he is, I have a need of him for guild arc discussions.

Same goes for Cy and Auxi, if you three could tag me on the guild site, that would be awesome.
Hey guys, just wanted to give a heads up that I wont be around for awhile. Things are going on in life that'll be keeping me away.

Days, weeks, months, I dont know how long it will be before I can get back on.

We'll just have to wait and see.
This sounds like fun.

I might pop up.
We would love for you to join us! Tag one of us in game with a /who Rising Sun!
Someone remind me to finish this for the CC forums if I forget?

(H-RP-GUILD) Rising Sun Fellowship: For Honor

There is a time...

There is always a time.

There was a place...

There will always be places.

For the Glory of the Horde...

Glory and Honor.

When the darkness rises, and when the night lifts away, the sun will always rise again. There is always a new dawn, there is always a new morning. There is always a new life, a new light...

We are the Rising Sun.

They walk in the light, and in the dark, because someone has to...

We fight for a better world for our children, and our people.
Kel, that was beautiful! I really enjoyed that knowing how much the Fellowship means to me, and having that written...I may keep that someplace special (well, besides my heart). Thank you.
That would be an excellent advertisement for the guild. Make it a macro and post on the channels!! Good work Allay!
This is what I do in my free time, which isn't much, I'll finish it up, then drop the recruitment thread link over here.
This is our new guild thread on CC, check it out!

Sorry if I'm invading or anything, but I was just curious if there's an Alliance version of a guild like this and if so, could someone pass me a link? :X
That was beautiful kel :')

I will get a post of him (Shorrenn) on an adventure if thats fine because I can't come back on until friday :P
Arrenn, there was, but it fizzled and died.
Kel, I was wrong. This finished product is beautiful! I want to make a copy of it just to put it up by my computer while I play. You really got the essence of the Fellowship! Well done!

Um, one thing...I'm second in command? OMG, there goes the Fellowship!
Haha, thanks, all of you.
Kelly is mean :o

What'd I do?

What'd I do?


I'll probably be on sometime this weekend. I've kinda lost most interest in lvling Ash because of that stupid buggy quest.

Unless you were willing to run me through stuff till i hit 86, where I would be able to do VotFW quests ^_^
10/19/2012 08:25 AMPosted by Cøron
Unless you were willing to run me through stuff till i hit 86, where I would be able to do VotFW quests ^_^

We ain't mad at Kelly now?
Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I have not disappeared. My life has been so busy and chaotic lately that I just have no free time. I will try to be on later today. On that note, please have a cookie.

*Offers everyone cookies*
*Takes a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie* Mmkay. Krei is back from Sholazar too, by the way, incase you wanted to know.

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