RP Challenge (Rising Sun Fellowship OOC #3)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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I might kel....I just might...

forum RPz...hmm
I think I might roll a character for this. Just for lulz.

I want to stay out of character for the first 20 levels. Undead zone is just soooo awesome. But doesn't seem right for most races.
Do it Lyri!

Kae, we'd love to have you!
I posted Cyaer instead of Azmos. Sorry.

Um, is it just me or are we needing to start a new journal posting? We're like on page 24+
Journal thread!

Move it over, minions!


What the? How did this get way over on the second page? Do I need to do something drastic, like have a party or something for my family to let this stay on page one? A party? Ooo, yeah, that sunds like fun...

Let's see...invitations, food, music, and maybe something special...a dress up party? What do you think? Let me know?
Go for it!

No, really, a party would be awesome.
First draft of the video is up. Head to the guild's website for the link!
Auxi, I applaud your endeavor, truly impressive. Very good job! And thank you for the hard work you put into that video...it shows! Everyone, you need to go and see this!

Edit: Nice music in the background, very appropriate!
Is this Horde only?

Yes, we are a Horde only guild.
10/26/2012 02:22 PMPosted by Cyaer
Nice music in the background, very appropriate!

You may thank Kel for the music, it was her idea to use that song--and yes, it does fit.
Auxi, I'm in love.

You've done wonderfully.

I can tag Ang and Mal (through Ang) the next time you're on.
Hmm... This has fallen too far away from us.

Happy Halloween, minions, happy Halloween.

I'll be in game at some point this morning or tonight, I hope.
So I've been browsing your OOC and IC threads (and I think I posted in the wrong thread earlier... but oh well! lol)

I am quite interested in starting a new character to join your guild challenge, and RP!

So I was just wondering who would be best to speak to about getting involved with you guys and when? I currently play on Wyrmrest Accord, but Im looking for something new and I think you guys just might be it. Plus the idea of leveling a new toon from 1-90, IC all the time intrigues me ... hmm ... just need to decide what I would make .... lol.

Happy Halloween!
Welcome aboard, Kiraeyl! Good to see another challenger and RP mate.

On another note, I will be on tonight. I have been enjoying RL too much, but it's all good. C'ya tonight!
I can be around possibly tonight, but not until later, as I'm going out.

I'll be on Kellatira tomorrow evening, probably, but school is an ever-present time-sink. You can do a quick /who Rising Sun, and join our OOC channel (/join RisingSunOOC)

Any of the officers have invite priviledges, and we can get you an IC interview at some point soon.

Looking forward to having you!

I'm also realizing I need to level Allay here...

I will look you guys up tomorrow then. ^-^

Have a safe and happy Halloween.
I won't be around tonight, but should be on tomorrow night. I will try to get a journal post up, although, I don't really have anything to journal about... we'll see what, if anything, rattles out over the next hour or so. Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

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