RP Challenge (Rising Sun Fellowship OOC #3)

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I have returned from my holiday weekend... back to school and reality.

Dang it all, haha.

I should be around a bit this week.
YAY! Welcome back! Woot! Woot!

I look forward to RPing with you again tonight if possible.
They are behind on the floors, so I will be out for a while longer.
Yeah, but you'll have new floors! That's got to be nice!

Look forward to your return too.
I kind of like what you are doing with Azmos, a haughty kind of Blood elf is good. Keep up the good work!
Annnd.... life devolves into chaos again. I should be around some this weekend, swim meets permitting.
How did this happen? We fell to the second page...this is not allowable! Well, I guess it really is because it happened and there were no repercussions for this neglect!

Oh...I...wonder, wonder, wonder, who, who wrote the book of love...oops, was that my outside voice <blush> sorry.

What be happening, peeps? Life is so good we are letting our threads fall off of the face of the earth?

End of rant.

Hi, how are you? Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. You did? When? Really? Well good for you! And take care, see you in game maybe?

Have I lost it, or is this all madness to get this thread back to the first page again? There is method to my madness! Mwahhahahaha!
Methodical madness... I like it. On that note, guess who hasn't gotten much sleep in two days? Yeah.

2 more days this week, then a big test Saturday, then two days next week, then I'm done. Life will fall back to normal ish then.

My only goal today is to make it through the two finals today.

I'll be back eventually.
Well, we be rooting for you, Kel.

<RAH! RAH! BISH! BOOM! BAH! GOOooo, KEL!> (all your friends and their toons cheering for you!)

Try to catch a few Zs between study sessions, okay?

Take care, Kel.
Things have ramped up again and if this week is any indication, I will be out of the game more than I will be in it.
So, one crazy Saturday aside... I should be around today, in theory.
The rogue snuck silently to the second page of the W.E.T. forums page, and gently nudged and pulled the thread back to the first page. He wiped his brow and leaned against the thread, not realizing that his weight fractured the thread to slip further down the page.

Try as he might, he held onto the thread, tugging and straining his muscles to keep the thread here on the first page. Finally, his strength failed him, and he wept as the thread began to sink once more into oblivion.
My life has just dissolved slightly with the start of break.

Once I figure out what the hell's wrong with my launcher I'll try and be around.
Well, Kel, I wrote a few posts for the morning. Hope that gives you some satisfaction. And I may have gotten a little...what's the word, maudlin...preachy? I don't know, it was what was on my mind and heart...so I went with it.

Take care all. Hope you had pleasant holidays, and look forward to a new year. I know I do, man, I hope it's better than last year.
Yess! Posts!

The next time I say I'm going to go swim 4000 yards before 10, someone stop me, please.

I'll be reading, minions!
I had planned to get in the game yesterday since Auxi owes Kel tea and scones, but life isn't working out the way that I had planned it. Not sure if I will make it in today or not. Also meant to get a post up about Auxi visiting Sol, but then again, that didn't work out either.

On another note: my bathrooms are clean, my floors are vacuumed, dishwasher emptied, pantry restocked (but wrecked, need to clean it out and reorganize), kitchen counters emptied of mail and library books returned.
Now if I could just get the gumption to do the same the mancave just might be inhabitable. Wife tells me the bird cage needs cleaning, I need to dust, and well, do a variety of things in here.

Congrats on getting the house a home again. We have missed you, but hey, real life comes first. I can only imagine how you feel now that the chaos is done, and order can and has returned.
Chaos? To order?

I'm jealous.

If y'all heard screaming last night, it was me, haha.
Hello. I'm new to World of Warcraft and I would love to try out Roleplaying on WoW. I've been roleplaying on other websites for over 6 years. I really like to write, and would especially enjoy developing a long term adventures. Building character interactions such as rivals and friends would be great as well.

What would be the requirements to join, or how does the recruiting process work?

Thank you for your time.
Tag me in game, or any of us really, with a /who Rising Sun. Most of us can be helpful, and if they won't, I'll eat them.

Nicely, of course :P

If you shoot me a bit of in-game mail to Kellatira, if you can't catch us, and join our OOC channel /join RisingSunOOC, you'll see one of us eventually. I'll talk to you in depth about recruitment in game, and meet you ICly eventually.

Also: CY!!!!!!!

What. The. Heck? "Final Entry?"


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