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Slight off-topic, but maybe when Fatboss created their video and said, "take 2 healers, or 3, depending how !@#$ you are" they should have also added in, "make sure your 2 tanks are complete retards".

Sorry, but I absolutely cracked up when I heard that comment - <3 Fatboss video's
Just something that helps
(this works even on 25heroic, as we tanked til enrage[ps, they don't lose energy on heroic 25])

Take your taunts slow, and calculate them, don't rush.
You have leeway of a good 10 seconds to think about your taunts if you do them right.
As a tank, my only gripe is it'd be nice to be able to see the dog's energy bars on some sort of Threat Plate (maybe they'll build it into Tidy) since the bars at the right are kinda hard to see the energy level. Otherwise, easy fight if you communicate.
OP: first of all, you are a terrible officer / raid leader, nuff said. Don't come to a public forum and air your guild issues and belittle the folks trying to help you progress. You instead make a generalized post about how you can assist your tanks.

That being said. I am only responding to this because I feel sorry that the tanks have to put up with you.

Looking at your roster your tanks are rolling with gear thats 454, 459, 465. While it isn't a huge issue, Id say make sure they are at least 460 ilvl.

It took a week for me to finally get the rotation down and this link helped a lot.

Have them download GTFO and some sort of addon that will display the boss mobs, I use Shadowed Unit Frames and I configure the boss frames at 150%. You can customize it so that the power bar shows a % etc. Make sure they understand that the automatic bar that shows up right in the middle of their screen is petrification.
Making tanks have to do something is pretty cool, it would be even cooler if they didnt decide to do it at the same time they made active mitigation, the boss mechanics require a lot of my attention but my shuffle might fall off Q_Q
The moron-mode secret to to 10m tanking on this fight!

The tank with only 1 add is SOLELY responsible for taunting, and knowing which add to taunt, or to even taunt at all.

As you will see on 10-man there is three ads, two being on one side, and a single one being on the other.

Let me say again, when I say taunt, the only tank doing any taunts is the one with a single ad.

we'll use Jade Cobalt --------------- Jasper for my example


1st opener: [single ad chosen first]
If the first callout is Jasper (being the single ad), jasper tank taunts either one of the adds immediately.

Once jasper gets to 50% energy, taunt jasper, then follow the ezmode no-thought strat further below.

2nd opener: [a grouped ad chosen first]
If either Jade or Cobalt is selected, wait until 50% and taunt the active add to jasper (the single ad). See ezmode no thought strat below.



When an explosion occurs, the tank with 1 add will look at his ad, he will think,

"Oh, It seems I am tanking Cobalt at this point in time."

He will wait until the next petrification callout is made.
He will do one of two things:

Cobalt buff goes up-
"Oh, it seem cobalt is up. I happen to be tanking cobalt. I will taunt the lowest energy add from the other side because the color that was called out is matching the color I'm tanking. How easy! THE GAME is telling me when to taunt!"

Jade buff goes up-
"Oh, it seems jade buff is up. It seem I will just stand here and wait for the next petrification buff to kindly present itself to the raid. Since there is no reason for me to taunt, this would be a good time to fix a cup of tea!"

The end.
Yes I know the raid leader can call the taunts but that only works when they taunt what I call out...we tried that and he still couldn't get it done... he has been replaced.
And at navox... you can configure dBm to do the same thing... they have it... if I were to had put this on my realms page then yes you would have a point but I didn't do that for a reason... but they dont have to put up with me... they are welcome to replace me or leave... at thus point I don't care either way... what's really bad is one guy failing for hours at a simple mechanic...
10/09/2012 09:13 AMPosted by Damper
to think about actually having to do raid finder with 25 people

Wouldn't worry too much about that, I'm sure Blizz made all the mechanics completely ignorable like they did with DS so even the most retarded of window lickers out there in the wide world of LFR can successfully complete the raid with a minimum of effort.
10/10/2012 07:11 AMPosted by Damper
Yes I know the raid leader can call the taunts but that only works when they taunt what I call out...we tried that and he still couldn't get it done... he has been replaced.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

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