Arcane PvP?

I'd like to know the opinion of the mages around about Arcane pvp, seeing that few are playing it in PvP. The spec doesn't look bad as in Cata and seems to have good scaling, though it certainly lacks hard ccs.

So far, I've seen it bursting harder than fire and frost mages with little setup required, and Slow now affects dots and hots by applying negative haste, it seems. Slowed targets get less ticks and in longer intervals; slowed mages recover less mana from Evocation as well.
I know that @FaxMonkey rockz PVP with the arcane forces!
Having played arcane pvp since Lich King, I think it's more viable in MoP than its been. The primary problem for arc mages in bgs and especially arenas was the lack of instants; I was a murderer when I could free-cast, but as soon as I got flushed or focused, my damage dropped precipitously. The much shorter cd and increased dmg on Arcane Barrage and the instant dot Nether Tempest have done a lot to solve that problem, particularly now that haste reduces the global cooldown.

Agreed that hard cc's are in short supply. I took Presence of Mind mostly to get an instant Ring of Frost, which acts as a sort of broke-!@# pet freeze. Ice Barrier does a lot for survivability, obviously. Even with these advantages over previous expansions, though, arcane is probably not as viable as frost. It's way more fun, though, and I personally enjoy the playstyle that has me struggling to set up free cast. Particularly for bgs, arcane rules.
I've been using Frost Bomb as Arcane, the damage it deals at once is bigger than that of a Pyroblast (though not when considering the dot), and we can use it every ~9s. Every spell hits hard, guess we are supposed to just overpower whatever is throw at us.

It has been some time since I last used Nether Tempest, let's see how it performs.

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