Rate the xmog above you

I know we had a thread about xmogs, but that was before MoP.
Figured i can start a new one since every thread here is about how OP BM is in pvp.

Scale 1-10

I know my xmog is ghey but it looks better than the Heroic crap =p

I'll give you 7/10 just because I hated that set BUT really want that bow. It's too bad that now Armory does not show it.

10/09/2012 12:23 PMPosted by Sub
8/10 - Looking good, though I think the chest / belt don't match?

:( yeah they don't, thanks or point it out, did not even realize that... and neither the helmet (stupid Naxx not droping it!)...

9/10 looking good too... I like the scales...

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