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Ok folks, so I am curious if anyone can offer any advice to me, my Fiancé currently goes to a college about 80 miles away, I visit her practically every other weekend. This being said I have talked to her about playing video games together when we have spare time. She has been open to it as long as it doesn't get in the way of classes. She is a sickle cell anemic, so it would be good for her in the sense that she has a way to wind down, cause right now she gets REALLY stressed and its not good for her.

So now you know some of the basic info, I already bought everything up to Cataclysm last year for her. But the thing is she doesn't really understand the CONCEPT of playing this game, she has played racing games with her brothers... so any suggestions?
Has she ever played any tabletop RPGs?
I think the best thing to do is to sit next to her while she starts so you can explain basic concepts to her and she can actually see them. Otherwise it'll be really overwhelming for a new player.
The concept is...you are a hero of the world trying to solve its various issues.
Try a different tactic: it's a way to explore a new world together.

My ex wanted to buy me an Xbox; I was resistant because I thought it was too expensive. He explained to me that it was so we could game together (I was a soloer then) I went along with it.
Walk her through it, play a bit on your toon, show her how it's done, and let her make a toon on your account. Let her play for a few hours and be there to answer questions. That's how I was introduced by my brother. Though I would tell her to try non-hunter dps for the least amount of stress if she wants to try dungeons.
Does she like to read stories? Send her to the WoWWiki and have her read up there. I know some folks will say lollore but there's some really intricate story telling about the factions, classes, races, ect. That will help her understand the purpose of this game and might help her figure out what she wants to play.
Try a different tactic: it's a way to explore a new world together.


I've used Wow to connect relationships before, made great friends even after the relationships ended too. I'm just forcing the current bf to give it a shot when Black Friday comes around. Then again, he's a push over sweetie, so the hardest battle will be convincing him to stay/getting him into the game so he'll play some without me.
It may not happen really unless it is her choice. My boyfriend and I lived about 5 hours apart for a year or so. As a result of the distance I chose to buy the game and join him so that we could "hang out" even when we weren't visiting each other. It was my choice to go out and make it happen and I quickly got into the game and enjoyed it a lot.

But if she is open to the idea of playing, then the next time you guys are hanging out, make sure it is all loaded up on her computer (if it isn't already) and create a character together. Walk her through some of the early steps so she can easily take up the torch when you return home. Make sure you guys have Vent, or Skype, or something all set up and ready to go so you two can chat as you play. Make a character to level with her. If you are in a guild that is active and friendly, invite her to the guild and introduce her to your guildie friends. Be sure to ask if they would mind answering any questions she might have if you aren't on and she is. It may be especially good to introduce her to either another girl in the guild or someone who plays the same class she picked who could provide advice in a helpful way.

Pretty soon she will start to get the point and get the hang of it. And she may potentially come to love it, be good at it, and get addicted :-) Then trying to get her to stop playing to go on a date can be your next worry :-P
A classic mistake to make with this is to expect her to enjoy the game the same way you do, and be disappointed when she doesn't - it's like being forced to listen to "the best song ever" while your friend stares at you, gauging your reaction. If she just wants to explore the map or pick herbs for two hours, let her!

Of course that doesn't mean you can't try to show her the things you like most about WoW. Opening up is always 50 DKP plus.
tell her to just give it a genuine chance and if she understands that then she will definitely like something about it; for me, it was pvp that got me to play WoW at first.
and now, a year later, we just had a 40m raid vs 40m raid over Galleon... and let me tell you, harmless fun like that is what makes the game awesome to me. this is coming from someone who is very easily stressed out or annoyed and WoW is my way of letting that out.

that, mixed with the little references and jokes in quests and NPCs, and cute little pets that follow you around (I'm talking to you, Giraffe Calf), raiding with friends, and even just hunting for pieces of armor for transmogs, makes this game really fun to me.

there isn't really an easy definition of WoW; I didn't join because someone gave me one, they didn't. my friend liked it and so I thought I'd give it a chance. I hated it when I joined, but after I genuinely gave it a chance, I liked it a lot and obviously have been playing ever since.
it's just one of those things that you can't convince people to play, unless they are a huge fan of something specific... like baby giraffes <3

furthermore: playable pandas.

but seriously, good luck and I hope that she gives in because she won't regret it :p I absolutely love playing WoW with my boyfriend and we make a great team regardless of what we're doing. it definitely would not be as fun without him.
i think you should also start with some other games, say console games that are less complex, then work your way up to WoW. great idea though i would love to have a gamer gf.
My husband enticed me to start playing WoW, after years of me resisting. I wasn't a big game player. He made me a little gnome, helped me design her all super cute, and sat with me while I played. This was back in Wrath, so the first time I took her to Ironforge and saw all of the other players interacting I couldn't get over how cool it was. I was hooked. He helped me level her up, taught me about talent points, professions, dungeon groups, etc. now I play more than him!
Thanks for all the suggestions! This is just an idea that hopefully will work, if not *Shrug* 2 more years. Good hunting!
I just told my girlfriend about dragons and how she could BE a kitty, and she was hooked
In your shoes, I would make a point of sitting down with her and helping her play through the first few levels on a character of her choice while you sit by her at the computer. Though I've been playing MMOs for over a decade, one thing I've noticed for new players is that figuring out the UI and just how the game works at a very basic level can be confusing, especially if her only exposure to games has been a racing console game.

It'll be important not to try to control what she does as she plays, but just give advice and answer questions. If she wants to run around and explore, that's awesome - don't insist she do the quests rapidly or anything like that, but point out how to find questgivers, for example. Then, for when you're apart, I second the suggestion to set up a voice chat channel somehow so that you can quest together. Start a character to level with hers, but expect that she might change her mind for her main after getting some experience.

I've gotten two boyfriends (an ex and my current partner), two former roommates (both ladies like me), and lots of people in my social circle to play whatever MMO I was playing at the time by being helpful but not pushy. And as someone who keeps in touch with my guy who lives 3 hours away by playing WoW with him, I wish you luck!

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