ele questions

what should my opening rotation be? i currently do FS + lava burst + elemental blast

should i cast fulmination in between CL spams in AOE?

if lava burst procs and elemental blast is off CD....which is my priority first?
I try to stay away from using fulmination in between CL spams, depending on how many mobs there are. LvB before EB. FS + LvB = 100% crit chance, EB crits depending on your normal crit chance, it's risky to use it before LvB even though it can crit anywhere from 100k-200k depending on your SP procs
Gistwiki has a nice post at the top of the forum which explains stuff like this/etc. You should check it out.
Personally I eb, fs, lvb, lb, fum.

The reason why is in my ele gear I am sitting at 35% mastery and when eb buffs mastery it puts me to 50%. This means more mastery procs. I also use eb on cd and squeeze it in before lvb proc unless I have several fs out due to back to back lvb procs.
1) flame shock if the dot falls off or is about to (ignoring our totems and major cooldowns)
2)lava burst, whether normal cast or proc
3) ele blast
4)lightning bolt

i don't know about fumilation, i only use it during aoe if i'm trying to kill one quickly because of healing or what not

though sometimes i start rotation with ele blast or lightning bolt if i can time it on the pull so i am casting while tank runs in and it doesnt mess with my getting flame shock on boss right away
I noticed you said "opening" rotation.

I suggested to someone else what I use, and that is EB first. The cast time is not counted against you as far as dps, and you start the fight with the buff.

Gistwiki, noticed my post and thought it might be a good idea. Said he might try it out. Haven't heard anything since.

I will say I have tried lots of opening rotations, and the one that seems to give me the most initial burst dps is
EB, FS, LvB, Fire Elemental, If surge procs then LvB, otherwise Ascendancy + trinkets + berserking, etc..spam LvB.
Gistwiki, noticed my post and thought it might be a good idea. Said he might try it out. Haven't heard anything since.

Jade Serpent Potion -> EB -> FET -> FS/Heroism if using on pull -> LvB -> Ascendance is what I've been trying with EB.

Not really seeing any noticeable difference between that and FET -> JSP -> FS/Heroism if using on pull -> Ascendance ->EB when Ascendance ends.

What I've noticed with EB first that I don't enjoy is that I have to pop the jade serpent potion before casting it, which loses a bit as the Fire Elemental updates dynamically rather than in a snapshot now. That's a personal thing though, and I think EB first is probably slightly stronger.

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