Balance and you.

Nope, sorry, this isn't a tutorial boomkin thread, nor would I be qualified to make one. This is yet another thread discussing the current balance of the game, and my opinion on it! Yay! As many of you know, this forum is teeming with threads complaining about hunters, warriors, spriests, mages, and possibly every other class, even monks! But whats really OP? Who is to decide this? Well first off, this season's start is FAIRLY amazing compared to other expansions, and thats coming from a disc priest who had a PMR to play with S9 and is forced shadow due to comp restrictions currently, I adore this season. Why is that? Well, if you were here for S9, there was a 10 second smoke bomb, mages did more damage than they did now, there were huge MMR exploits, and even bigger class issues (resto druids and priest quite possibly in the worst states healers have ever seen.) S5 had DKs, Rets, and Fan of Knives interrupt (lol), along with other things if you wish to add your own.

Now you might be asking yourself, what does that have to do with this expansion's first season? Well in contrast with other seasons, this season is a walk in the park. Warrior and Hunters are literally the only thing COMPLETELY out of place in this season, one spec of each even. That means 2 out of 30 specs are completely, undeniably out of control by a major consensus. Others could argue there are more specs that are out of control, but I doubt the majority of players voting would be overwhelming. Compare this with S5 horrible balance issues and S9's mix of balance issues and the most horrendous MMR issues seen yet, is this really that horrible? Every match I've played without a BM in it has been completely short-medium paced, on the first season in blues!

I guess what I'm saying is, scream overpowered, you have the right to voice your opinion and an even larger right to attempt blizzard into doing something, but keep everything in your head in respect to what has happened previously, I've seen plenty of posts asking why Blizzard hasn't done anything, and the truth is the fact that blizzard doesn't like rash action. We'll truly see how this expansion will be remembered as we approach mid S12, or even the start of the later seasons, until then, hold your judgement and scream at warriors and BMs. All of us can wish for a good expansion for PvP, no matter what the odds.
ALWAYS a priest or druid complaining. Sometimes the state of the art, terrible rogue.
If only this were a complaint thread.
10/09/2012 03:21 PMPosted by Conspiracy
That means 2 out of 30 specs are completely, undeniably out of control by a major consensus

Yes but the huge influx of instant CC, regardless of it being "OP" or not, makes the game frustrating and extremely un fun to participate in.

You just fart out CC whenever it's off CD and get a kill, trinkets hardly even matter.
Instant CC was extremely similar in Cata, but nerfs to the dispel system and the higher quantity of burst really made it much stronger. I'm not sure how greatly though, most teams that have abused instant CC already had broken damage before the CC was even applied (Warrior/CC/Healer, BM/X/Healer, Mage/Damage/Healer, etc.)

This causes one to think if it would be easier to introduce more ways of CC mitigation equally to all classes (think warlock's unbound will, priest's shadow guise, and new priest fade) or just to cut times on all instant CC. Regardless, I doubt this will be addressed considering it's been like this since Cata :(.
10/09/2012 03:30 PMPosted by Øbama
ALWAYS a priest or druid complaining. Sometimes the state of the art, terrible rogue.

Way to look like an idiot.

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