Most fun spec for leveling to 90

I was having a blast playing fire but now that my pyroblasts only tickle mobs it's starting to feel like a grind again. I tried frost but... eh.

What was the most fun for you to level to 90 as?
i've tried them all and personally i find frost to be the most effective, good dps and also good survivability. but i think a mage in general is just super annoying to pve in mop.
What about arcane? Does it blow? I haven't bothered trying it yet because I can't imagine it being very good.
Frost. Fun and you learn all the good habits that makes a mage the way a mage is supposed to be.
Frost 100% imo. Frost bomb -> Frostbolt -> Frostbolt (into a shatter with icelance using your pet freeze which also lets frost bomb explode/crit with shatter). That's all I did till 89 when it took the insta frostfirebolt that the frostbomb gave me.

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