Clever **PVP** Uses for Alter Time

I'm so making the macro

/cast alter time
/cast iceblock
When GI breaks, Alter Time. 6 second dispersion w/ ability to cast. Both 90 sec CD now
Just want to say this thread is great. I just got the talent myself and was wondering how to make good use of it. Thanks for this.
I'm been playing around with this macro recently, and some variations. Although it does require some micromanagement--it adds a nice burst/utility component to alt time.

/use 13
/cast icy veins
/cast presence of mind
/cast alter time
/cast ring of frost

... Surprisingly, you can do this all in 1 global.

Use this macro when you have 1 FFB and 2 FoF procs and know exactly where you want to put your RoF:
Pop your macro, you have about half a second to cast RoF at your desired location.

Cast your instant ring > Deep freeze on your kill target > use your FFB and FoF procs (you should use them just in time for your alter time to reset your procs to full (as well as the duration of your trinket/icy veins back to 20 seconds) burn that second full set of procs and any additional procs you may have generated (from Nether Tempest and Frozen Orb). Then PoM sheep on an enemy as needed.

... I find this macro is most effective if I have Nether Tempest up on 2-3 targets before I pop it. And I also throw a frozen orb in their as well... although still playing with the best part of the rotation to throw that frozen orb into the mix.

Although there are some flaws with this macro (mainly that it can be tricky to use correctly. And using it incorrectly can result in a sloppy RoF or a wasted PoM)--it think it's definitely worth putting forward for consideration and adaptation.
The unerring vision of lei shen trinket used with alter time will basically give you 8 secs of guaranteed crits..

As a fire mage this would give you another burst window to spam pyroblasts.
Serpents Spine world pvp. Retard melee jump off as you alter time back to the top, safely.
In WSG, cast Alter Time after obtaining the speed boost buff in order to extend its duration when Alter Time resets.

No, Lol. :P
Alter time when at full health before your shaman links, alter time as you share health back to full and give more health.
Use Alter instantly after Blazing Speed for a guaranteed escape from a melee. If they chase after your Blazing Speed then Alter back and Blazing Speed in the opposite direction. If they wait on your Alter then simply cancel it after you are at a safe distance. Also works with Nitro Boosts.

Alter is also a hard counter to Warrior's Bladestorm as they cannot pummel or reflect while spinning and they cannot damage you while Alter is up. This allows you to cast freely into them for as long as they spin.

I believe Alter can also be used to bait kicks

If you use Iceblock Glyph you can use Alter to double it's duration. If you combine this with a couple Finger Procs and an on-use Trinket you can do some insane burst with 6 second spell immunity

I haven't tested this but it may be possible to Alter Time before using a Warlock gate to juke your opponents without receiving the gate debuff.

Alter can be used during a BoP to increase it's duration. I assume it can also be used before a BoP to remove forbearance.
AT is great for catching pillarhumpers as well

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