[A] Guardian Druid looking for raiding guild

First, currently I am reforged and enchanted for feral dps, which can quickly change.

My iLvl is 468 and I have 2/6 Normal MV cleared and experience on the 3rd boss, which I formed and lead a pug group to achieve.

I am 600/600 Mining/Enchanting.

While I have raided most of my WoW career as a warrior tank, I have played druid tank since Cataclysm and could also be persuaded to play dps given the right circumstances.

For more information send me in game mail, whisper me, or simply reply to this thread
you interested in coming horde? we could use a feral dps, possibly tank for our 10m. We start raiding tonight, but we are an awesome group of mature players (21+ at the youngest- about 39) who like to have fun and down !@#$ at the same time. We have been together for 3 years now, serious when its neccessary for sure but we all have families and other priorities we raid 2-3 nights a week and they vary. 7-11 server is raid time. We have a core spot open, feel free to add me muscletribe#1830 if you want to chat more! Hope to hear from you :)
Not willing to faction change, sorry!

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