WTS Reins - Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

Drops from Alani <The Stormborn>

Rules for buying mount

- Gold will be paid before boss is activated
- Will be a group loot so that you need on it while the summoner passes
- Rules for the trade will be stated by both parties in general chat for security reasons if one of the part members fails to follow their end of the bargain.

Current offer so far is 400k

Looking for 750k+

If you think this is easy to get, feel free and get it yourself. Read about the mount before making stupid posts

Please contact myself or Dorkoo in game. Thanks :)
Bumping, where are my mount collectors!
You forgot to mention that the mount requires you to be exalted with the August Celestials in order to learn it.

Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

And revered with Golden Lotus. And Exalted with Order of the Cloud serpent.

Link: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=64403#comments
LOL who would waste the gold for something you cant get for at least a couple of weeks from now unless you exploited the cross realm dailies. Not worth anywhere near what you are asking.
Orbitus, you talk through your !@#... Yes the ability to actually ride on it might not be for a few weeks, but obviously you don't know how to research the mount,

Now instead of talking through your $%^, try to research and understand the rarity of getting this mount. If you have nothing to do other than dwell on how you fail at making virtual currency and have to post comments such as the one you did. Please for the love of God Almighty, just stop.

Facts about getting 10 shards

- Can be gotten through daily chests and farming 90 mobs
- Need 10 shards, 10...
- .5% drop rate. So RNG is not on your side

Again current offer is 400k. :)
And again the only retard here is you. I have one of the shards without doing any effort other than doing my dailies. If anyone is stupid enough to buy from you needs to have their head examined from catching the stupid off of you. I have seen 2 shards drop in about half an hour. The shards aren't as rare as you claim them to be. The only one talking out of their !@# is you.
I highly doubt someone is offering you 400k for that mount... TCG mounts dont even go for that much. You're lying about the price offer in an attempt to get people to buy it.

And if someone is offering you 400k like you claim, then take it, because you will never get anything higher than that. No mount in the history of wow has EVER gone above 700k so dream on noob.
400k is indeed too much, I've seen this mount offered around 60k - 100k gold. Skyshards may be rare but you realize there's a solid 4% chance to drop from just doing your daily? Plus each mob in the vale giving you a chance at it? By the time someone is finally exalted with The August Celestial's they'll probably have the 10 skyshards they need.
Mount isn't rare enough to earn a 400k price. By the time people have done enough dailies to unlock it, they're likely to have 3+ shards without even trying. Chances are this guy botted his way to his shards early on, thinking for some reason that this mount would be incredibly valuable.
10/10/2012 01:40 PMPosted by Ðéåth
Again current offer is 400k. :)


10/10/2012 02:14 PMPosted by Orbitus
And again the only retard here is you.
I have already gotten a couple of these just doing dailys, its not that rare. Also someone already got the mount, and it was back up like the next day, so if u get the shards you should have no problem getting the mount
Check and Mate.
Can't believe a person is asking 750k for a quest mount. Try 60-100k, and that's only because some people are too lazy to do dailies.

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