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So today I was engaged in a couple of lengthy RP sessions and found myself getting stumped by my own text. Getting to the end of a chat line and you haven't finished saying what you have to say is a little deflating because the next line has to be typed as quick as humanly possible to beat the other persons response.

I was wondering, are there any addons my fellow Accordians use that would, in essence allow me to type my whole response or emote (even if it does go over the word limit) and then actually send it, so it comes out one after the other with no gaps of time in-between?

Now i'm no wordsmith (and im typing this pretty quickly because I don't remember where in Pandaria i've left myself and might be dieing as I type) but im pretty sure i've done a poor job of getting my question across. Regardless, if there's anyone out there that understands what the crap i'm talking about, could you let me know? It's more a quality of RP thing then a necessity but all the same, it would be nice to not race to try and get the second line of my response out before i'm interrupted (and to guildies who might see this, I promise i'm not referring to any of you. You're all quite patient with my responses :P ).
I've seen people post multi-post replies in rapid succession, but I don't know if they use an addon for it or if they just type very fast. If it is an addon, unfortunately I don't know which it is.

Some people I know write their replies in Word or Notepad, and copy-paste it over into the ingame chat box.

Usually what I do is I put a little (c) for continued if what I'm trying to emote will get truncated.
For very long replies, I tend to open up Notepad and type it all out, and then copy paste.

It's best, though, to simply signal to your RP partner(s) that you aren't done with a marking. I use a hyphen at the end myself and then begin the next one with a | to separate the name from the rest of the response. Some people use a (c).
I'd thought about going the notepad/wordpad route, only problem is, then im not in-game at all and i'm missing way more (atleast I think I am). I wonder if there is a person who is a rapid poster reading who could shed a little light on your mysterious ways.

CRZ is starting to piss me off, it's ruining all the good RP spots!
Raisheal, i've been using the hyphen, it got a ton of use today. Actually, that was what got me thinking this in the first place lol I hadn't done the | to seperate myself from the text though, that move will be immediately added to my RP rotation.
Unlimited Chat Text seems to be what you're looking for. Works for everything but RID and Battletag chats. And I love it when I feel long-winded and ranty.
As a person who has a friend who actually uses an addon to do as you want (That is, make it so you can type past the word limit and it will post multiple paragraphs once you are done), I can tell you that it exists, and that I hate you for wanting to use it.

I mean some people use it for just a couple but usually I see people using it for 4+ paragraphs all at once which creates a wall of text and wipes everyone else I was reading right off my chat pane, which is -enlarged- specifically for the purpose of reading more. It's incredibly annoying to have 4+ paragraphs interrupt your RP when they're from some random guy who's RPing himself staring at a book or something as ridiculous.

Personally, I'm a fan of the hyphen method, but I also like the idea that a person can interrupt you and realistically, no one stands there saying -nothing- for a long time before words finally magically fly out of their mouth in a huge complete paragraph without any breaks. Real life conversation does not flow like that, because the average conversation is not a lecture.

Either way, if you do decide to get the addon, I believe it's unlimited chat text. Please at least consider other people before you destroy them with 4+ paragraphs though, even 3 is a bit much. It just reminds me of forum RP where you wait for someone to post a ginormous paragraph of doom.
This is something that I never got.

The ability to interupt someone while they're 'talking' makes the RP more real, and more enjoyable.

At least, for me.
Isn't this the purpose of an ellipsis?

Just curious as to why use a hyphen or a (c) (which a reader may or may not be familiar with) when a grammatical device already exists?
I've seen hyphens, plus signs and <c> used. I use a hyphen when I need to type more.
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Seems I used to have an addon that did that. Was it WiM? Prat? TRP2?

I dunno. Pretty sure it was WiM though.
I have found myself in the OP's positions many times. On several occasions an epiclyawesomsauceamazing post and/or rp strand had been derailed or lost from the chat gap that the text limitations have.

My posts stay within the text limit 80% of the time, but on those occasions it exceeds I prefer the > symbol at a convenient location to indicate another post coming up. This is nice and orderly IMO, and easy to follow to boot. However, I think I will look into the text addon and see how it feels.
Not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of that addon that removes the character limit and lets a person type until they're done.

Typically it winds up being 3 - 5 blurbs in the chat log for everyone around them.
Be cautioned that if you use the addon that lets you send paragraphs at a time, you might get a few angry replies from people around you. >.>

Suddenly seeing 5 paragraphs of emotes/says from one person within 3 seconds tends to scare the crickets out of people.
Two of the add-ons I know that allow for continuous typing beyond the 255 character limit. I use Kayrchat which also has a language feature you might find useful:

    (Found on WoW interface)

    (Found on Curse.com - This hasn't been updated since 2009 and I don't know how well it'll work with the current expac.)

Be warned though - From what a few posters have said in the previous posts, it is a bit intimidating and frustrating to see 4+ paragraphs wind up in their text window, especially in a public RP setting where you have more than one conversation going. I recommend if you use this in public RP keep it to one or two paragraphs minimum to save people the trouble of losing their own RP with someone else.

I have run into people who RP with this add-on put out more than four paragraphs and I did lose my place more than a few times. Try to use this add-on in party with people who don't mind this style of RP - it's just polite. This is what I typically do.

Happy trails and good luck!
I too don't like the unlimited chat boxes. I would much rather see <c> (c) or other indication that you're going to continue. It gives me a chance to
a) emote a reaction to what your character is saying - even if it's just "/me raises her eyebrows in reaction."
b) A 3-4 para spam is not only annoying when it floods your screen, but then I have to spend the next 3 mins actually reading it. By breaking those paras up, I can read along, read back up to the last para etc, and not get left behind trying to catch up with your 4 para spam.

I often use emotes to 'speak', and if I'm going over I will use 'continues' - let me demonstrate.

Kerielle read over the forum quietly. 'I wonder what people here do for work?' She thought as she turned to her friend and giggled; "I wonder if any of these people are in my line of work?" >

Kerielle continues; "I wonder how many of them even know what an Osteopath is?"

I just find it a nice way to tie in several paras rather than having;
Kerielle> "I wonder...." or even just
Kerielle "I wonder..."
I see no reason why the actions of a single person must dictate so many long paragraphs. After all, there is the time and consideration of the other participants to take into consideration. I find short and sweet is the best way to go about in-game emotes.

But there are times when even I can appreciate the character limit being removed. For times like this, I use UlimitedChat.
Isn't this the purpose of an ellipsis?

Just curious as to why use a hyphen or a (c) (which a reader may or may not be familiar with) when a grammatical device already exists?

mostly for me it's trying to get as much into the first post as possible. An ellipsis is 3 characters, but a hyphen is 1. Also, a lot of people don't understand what an ellipsis is for; more often than not, they'll consider that the end of your post, and you're just "trailing off."
Just get down to the basics. We don't need to know the finest details of every stand of hair on your character's perfect head.

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