[Quest] Battle Helm of the Thunder King

Bug Report
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hey anyone on a server where you can complete quest mind helping a guy down on his luck, add Borisyelstin#1947
Lapoohie#1964 here. Pls help!
anyone able to list the severs that it works on?
if anyone can help me out with this i would be more than appreciative

It would be great to get a xrealm invite from someone whos server this works on!

Crookedlid#1822 thanks!
I need this quest too. (Dalaran - Horde)

intocable#1281 Please invite if you are on.
I would also love help guys - Im from Frostmorne Alliance

its a sad state the games in when we have to find are own workaround for a broken game

I dont need a invite I quit im not paying for this crap no more !@#$ this
do me a favor and add me on battle tag to help with that quest mate?
thx mate
Need some help here Strygwyr#1404 pretty please!
Also looking for some help. Kossnen#1603 Thanks in advance :D
hito#1325 Emerald Dream please help
Thanks :)
Needing assistance from any server this is working on. Please invite Snappy#1128 (alliance.

Jack#1138 horde throw me a invite if you have your realms working
callmedecoy#1367 horde. plz assist.
If anyone can help me please stonner#1386 battletag thanks :) alliance side
Need help as well. Deizero#1739, Horde Side.
I will give free shoulder inscribe to anyone who helps... Derpity#2820 Just inv me to party and I'll complete quest real quick.
Need help Nuit#1529

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