[Quest] Battle Helm of the Thunder King

Bug Report
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Same problem here on US-Shattered Hand

Hey, blizz. If you are going force me to do your single player dumb ARS! dailies then make sure your shietz works FFS.
Need help getting this done. Kodebob#1457
having same issue.. maybe we can help each other out set you a request.
Need someone to work around it, Chuck1994#1575
Also need help for this, Spazzo#1763
Commie#1664 - will help in exchange for help! (HORDE)
Paragon#1528, just hanging out with Acidlight here.
Brainded#1873, help is greatly appreciated!
I am at that part as well, followed the friendly npc, and the lvl of that helm, the pendaren dispawned and cant interract with the helm at all.... and i saw this post, also Bloodtip is bugged as well.... tismike#1434
Kidneythief#1731 (Horde) willing to see if we can get this to work with anyone lol
Same issue today. We tried the realm solution, but it did not work.
Yakko#1903 if any1 wants to try
InSanitarium#1155 US-Lightbringer broken.
I have the same problem here on Dath'Remar
Tried grouping with a friend on Sargeras with no luck, although I may have done it wrong...

Wolfie#1355 if anyone wants to try it
sigh... same problem

theneongod#1532 if anyone wants to CRZ to hopefully get this done
Looking for someone to do this with

Need help as well... Sneake#1537

standing in front of the helm if someone wants to help me out
If someone wants to help me out, LargeMichael#1176, it would be appreciated

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