[Quest] Battle Helm of the Thunder King

Bug Report
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It is also broken on Chromaggus, would be interested in trying a cross realm attempt. MokoChocobo#1448
Bugged on Thrall-Us, help would be appreciated :)
Please add "Teckiies#1687" BattleTag if you can help.
Bugged now on Garona as well, tried to do this before doing my dailies, it bugged, so I dropped it. Now whenever I try to go kill Imperion, the place phases like I'm still on the Thunder King quest, even tho it's not in my log. Looking for help to get into either phase, Mab#1534
Bugged on Area 52, but I had an awesome player on another realm invite me! Hooray!
omfgdan#1590 i need help, bugged on echo isles. Would really appreciate it
Bugged losing time and gold ...
Broken on Moon Guard as well. Been trying for days and have submitted numerous tickets their response each time is to check the forums. Clearly they need to take their own advice sometimes.

If you are on a working realm and would like to help please add Badger#1782
Add me if you can help please, Mindcloud#1810
How can something like this not be an instant, quick fix?
10/14/2012 04:12 PMPosted by Hypokricy
How can something like this not be an instant, quick fix?

Because that's not how programming works.
not working for me either
Broken on Bronzebeard as well. Tried to group with a friend from Durotar and it did not solve a thing.
Bugged on Gorefiend as well. No response from GM's
Same problem on Amun' Thul.....reply from GM saying thank you for the feedback, please check the forums for a fix.

What fix? A cross realm invite that may or may not work? Pretty stupid answer GM's.
Also bugged on Misha. Would appreciate it if some kind soul would add me and invite me...please? BigDawg#1766

This is REALLY starting to rustle my jimmies.
Please invite me Silv#1122 Lothar server. I want to take care of this once and for all.
I'll be up for quite some time
battletag habownero#1124 help plz
docbanner#1828, horde Kil'Jaeden, need help with the bug pls

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