[Quest] Battle Helm of the Thunder King

Bug Report
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doowee#1845 standing in front
Working as Intended right?
dunno if the CRZ thing works
CRZ'ing right now with 4 other servers. No luck...
Tried five different servers, no dice.
Might as well put my name into the hat. Sinnity#1496 (Alliance) looking for an invite to a working server.
Any1 got a working realm?
You can get the last quests in Guo Lai halls finished if you have a friend who can see the quest mob kill it for you while you are in group.
This cross-realm stuff is a pain in the !@#.
I've heard people from Illidan, Undermine. Thunderhorn and Grim Batol are having success.
Also looking for a working server.... add me. :)

Sad part is, we shouldn't have to do this, blizz should fix this. At the very least respond.
And this is post patch which was supposed to fix the issue.
Same issue. If anyone has it working horde side, please send me an invite. Ryan#6731
bumping this post in hopes for a fix....
Quest not working on Black Dragonflight either.
Quest confirmed being broken on Feathermoon. As soon as he scripts the "So ugly" he disappears.
the patch notes didn't say anything about this particular quest.
same here phased on frostmourne.. please xrealm invite if you can
thought i'd add, when you accept a crz invite, the quest mob does show briefly when you switch realms. testing right now to see if it is targetable and attackable.\

all addons are disabled.
razorski#1779 please help!
Need a xrealm invite to get this quest to work, please someone add me razorski#1779

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