[Quest] Battle Helm of the Thunder King

Bug Report
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JagerPrime#1710 Alliance. Stuck at the same place. Any help is welcome.
i'm thinking our times of crz fixing this is run out. i'm thinking it only works once on each server. kinda like the bug at 5.0 where the firelands mobs you heal would just stay healed.
Same issue on Deathwing. Gladd#1582 - Alliance - Please help me out.
I would love some help too. :-)

any help for this quest is greatly appreciated
Need help getting this done. Pinaru#1451
Bugged for me too, its also preventing me from finishing my daily quest line.
same problems as the rest plus cant do the last quest

Same issue. Maday#1403
Just finished the quest using cross realm grouping with someone from Moonguard.
same problem as well. Pandora#1326 (alliance)
Mattwell#1290 if anyone who's got it working would be able to assist.
Same issue. Pretty frustrating really since I can't continue the chain, nor complete the last daily quest for Golden lotus.
Roseyhead#1282 if anyone can help out. It's stopping me from completing the last daily too. God I hate phasing somedays...

Send an invite if you got this working plz :)
me too need some help :( selanda#1678
Also having problems please add to help!!
same need help Mahdi#1105

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