<Savage> 25m Recruiting

US-Illidan (PvP)


Raiding Schedule: 8-11 PM CST tuesday wednesday and thursday


• Currently we are Looking for DK/druid tanks, priest/monk/druid heals, and all dps classes

We are also now openly recruiting skilled, experienced raiders of all flavors for the expansion!

MSV progression: 4/6 norm - Server #72
Dragon Soul Progression: 8/8 Heroic - Server #117

General Information:

Savage was founded in May of 2012 on US-Illidan (PvP) and has been raiding without pause ever since. We have always been a strict 10man guild - it's what our raiders want, and allows us to remain stable and successful no matter what Blizzard or RL throws at us. *new 25m grp forming*

Our 6 officers distribute loot based on performance, attendance, role, setbonuses and overall degree of upgrade. Most of our members are long time WoW veterans now in their mid 20s-30s who know that having a life in no way precludes you from knowing your class and playing it well. We're not the kind of guys who like to waste a lot of time - we want to progress, not sit around, so we like to be efficient in our raiding.

-Good Listener
-Solid Attendance - If you're going to miss more than an occasional raid night, don't even bother.
-Flexibility - Be willing and able to competently play other specs as needed for progression.
-Mic/Teamspeak and a willingness to speak up when necessary.
-Hardmode experience in current content.
-WoL Reports - Show us what you can do!

We only raid 2 nights a week for a total of 6 hours, so we expect our members to perform at a very high level. We want players who care, that raid for the challenge and are as addicted to the rush of downing a progression boss as we are!

Think you'd be a good fit for us?

Apply today at: http://savageraiding.wowstead.com/forums/savage-discussion/applications/1692503-applicants-please-read-first

RealID Contacts:
Uchiwaa - gregorrit@gmail.com
Zordâwn - tylerp2688@yahoo.com
may be goin 25m
10 and 25m grps running
gimmie your raiders illidan

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