Low DPS help

Any advice to raise my DPS? I'm leveling this hunter and my dps is always the lowest in dungeons, even when I'm the highest level. It's pathetic and I'm embarrassed. lol. I don't know what to do.

I know that I'm still a low level and things change as I level, but it's been continuous like this from the start. I drink battle elixir to up my agility. And I have even enchanted a few pieces of gear for more agility.

The drop rates for mail gear is so low in dungeons and when I do need on something I end up losing to someone else, so I resort to getting gear from the AH.

Any tips on rotation? I've looked at noxxic.com and I have been following the advice there. I know the advice there is more for level 90 but I've still been applying it as I get new spells.

At your level, tanks do like 50-60% of a groups damage.

To make yourself feel better, turn off recount and ask yourself if you are having fun :)

Seconded. Leveling is about learning your class and having fun while doing it. You'll have plenty of time to worry about damage meters later on down the road.
Agree with others - Don't even think about your DPS until you hit 90, because it doesn't matter. Just focus on grinding out those levels.

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