Mastery Nearly Useless

Dumb and lazy, but we knew that already.
they're bad in raids too, if you don't need to move you're not going to move. you may as well get useful stats and have the chance of the proc being used when movement is required

edit: i don't mean that the healers are bad, they're the best in the game right now, just that the mastery effect is terrible for most fights
they should give you a second spell that would let you 'explode' the healing spheres and heal anyone within 20 yds for 60% of the amount of the orb.

Or maybe just have the orbs slowly crawl towards the nearest raid member.
Hm, Lets see; there is the shaman's Healing rain; if your not in it you have to move into it.
the Serenity with holy Priests.
Whatever that one druid has that casts off the dots...
Disc Priests Big Sheild....

thats all the ones I can think of at the moment that require dps assistence in it's use.
Oh; Unglyphed Lightwell too.

So at worst; we have the most prolific one....

ye gods; having to move to get healed; Call in the end of days!.

Lazy dps. can't save themselves with a quick move to heal.

(Please ASSUME I am only asking you to get these spehere when you already have to move; I am getting LOW on mana OR if you are about to die because the tank is generally more important than you are.)

If the Sphere is what stands between you and dying? GRAB THE DAMN SPHERE; Dead DPS do no Damage!

I don't think that's a fair comparision. Serenity and Healing Rain generally get cast in a way that they will get the most players. The shield Disc priests can make is generally reserved for the moments when dps isn't as important as survival, and everyone is stacking anyways. Wild Growth for druids doesn't require people to move, it picks out the lowest targets and gives them a HoT, Efflorescence works the same as Healing Rain/Serenity. An unglyphed Lightwell also only requires a click, which does not interrupt dps in the same way.

Our mastery is not controllable and not an AoE heal. They show up at random times, and often in random places. No, it won't wipe a raid for someone to switch from Fireball to Scorch and run to an orb, but the problem is that this is a Monk only inconvenience.

I wouldn't mind if the orbs detonated to do a small AoE heal, or if the Mastery gave us a stacking charge that let us cast free spheres. But I agree it's very lackluster in it's current state.

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