Now i can only speak from gettign ganked a few times by the same lock but how many spells can you actually cast during the fight? I myself am lucky to get off a frost bomb full cast before i am feared then refeared then feared again into another fear. I know if i had my pvp trinket on i may have gotten off a another cast in their somewhere but i thoguht they had a diminishing return on those fears. I did actually get him down to about 10% before i died just by my bomb a frost orb and a few ice lances when i was not feared but actual casts only one.
be sure to get your counterspell in and try to ring of frost under him.
So let me get this right...you didn't have a trinket. He kept you fear locked almost the entire time, and you still almost killed him, and you think locks are the problem? Awesome.
counterspell spellsteal frostjaw what else um deep freeze that other freeze thing oh and um OMG then all ur stuffs off cd and u can CC again wow amazing simply amazing omg. like omg totally cool omg. like ohemgee
Mr Roland i did say i got off my frost bomb on him and my pet can nova while i am feared so yeah that right their can take him down to 1/2. A few ice lances in between fears as well as w/e constant casting on him yes.
My concern or question was more of the constant or almost constant fears. Do they have 2 differant DR's? How many fears do they have?

Yes i could have played better and won i admit that. Bad me.

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