2 hand enchant?

What is the 2 hand enchant we should use while we wait to be able to get the bis enchant?
well since windsong doesnt work for dot classes, you want to use power torrent.

keep checking windsong to see if they ever fix it, but for now it's power torrent
Windsong wont proc of spells so just go with power torrent which is stupid cheap to make...
Windsong works fine as Destro, but seeing as you're Aff/Aff, yeah, go with Power Torrent.
Why would you have two affliction specs?
If you change between two talent sets frequently it can be cost efficient to have two different talent loadouts of the same spec, compared to using Tomes constantly.

I've considered having a second Destro spec with Supremacy because I love my Voidlord for some things, but meh.
Windsong was fixed btw
Indeed and it's so glorious... I FREQUENTLY had all 3 procs at once last night...

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