Manga because

Moon Guard
Are you really surprised I'm into this.

And no, these aren't the only things I read/watch. I still watch Cowboy Bebop on occassion.
I really wish Reborn would try and take itself a little more seriously.

Mid-way through the millefiore arc I started losing interest because they were trying to over-compliment explanations and abilities - granted this was when I watched the anime so it could have just been an attempt to extend the animation. Also found it kind of weird how he ends up fighting people in his time line who end up being worlds' stronger than the man he defeats ten years into [a] future.

these things are alright.
Reborn sort of confuses me. I got into it late. That was sort of a Deus ex Machina or whatever.

But as a Bleach fan, damn. That's all I have to say.

1. Chromartie High School
2. Everything else
neon genesis evangelion
revolutionary girl utena
ginga denetsu weed

FLCL is probably my most favorite anime/manga, though I've never been a huge fan.
Though I did used to get shojo beat in the mail....
I miss Cardcaptor Sakura.

I never got to finish it :c
Otoyomegatari and Berserk are the only manga I have the time to read now. And I'm a snob anyways so I sneer down at all the peasant rabble's favorite japanodrawings.

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